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60697. Soft Touch coating supplier

February 20, 2018

RFQ: Looking to apply soft touch rubber coating on aluminum products. Need a consultant to provide best options and a reputable supplier to fulfill orders.

Q. I am looking to apply rubber coating to aluminum products to improve grip and handling and to provide a soft touch feel to the product. I am looking for suggestions of what compound or product would work best and what would the optimal thickness be.

Oleg Lurye
- Vancouver
^- -^

60687. Looking for plating service in NYC area

February 5, 2018

RFQ: Hi there,

I am looking to gold plate with 18k and rose gold multiple electronic stainless steel watches. Quantity 10-10000.

Can anyone recommend best, most economic amadeya42/plating process that can deliver best quality/color, long lasting plating?

Ideally, watch metal/bracelet metal should reflect the texture and color of pure, high quality, 18k or rose gold and last for over 10 years.

I've read on this forum about multiple methods of coating, about applying 3-10 micron gold (which increase production costs). Also about clear or gold-toned transparent/translucent top coat/lacquer on top of plated gold.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

If any of local amadeya42 shop suppliers (electro, ion, ZrN, PVD plating) are present here, I would love to meet to see the samples and discuss the costs.

Thank you,

Anton Dey
product designer - Queens New York
^- -^

60686. Remove Heavy Oxide from NiCrAl

February 6, 2018

RFQ: We recently had a company roll Evanohm R material to various thicknesses of .004", .005", .006", and .008" at a width of 5.25" and requested annealed. When they annealed the material it appears something was wrong with their process as we have a heavy oxide layer (5 to 8 micron) on the surfaces. We can grind the oxide off or we can chemically etch the oxide off for our needs in small strips. We have several feet (> 500 ft) of material on each roll from which we need to remove the oxide layer. In order to salvage this material are there services that can either mechanically grind or chemically etch this material down controlling the thickness to the +/- .00025"?

Darin Glenn
- Columbus, Nebraska USA
^- -^

60684. Need aluminum mirroring on glass plates

February 3, 2018

RFQ: Could someone indicate a supplier of a plant to manufacture aluminum mirror in glass plate in the dimensions 3210 x 2400 mm?

Silva, Rene
- CPV SP Brasil
^- -^

60679. HF and Nitric Acid Etch of Stainless Steel

January 31, 2018

RFQ: Does anyone know a shop (preferably in Seattle area) that can do a HF etch of Stainless Steel (316 or similar) followed by a Nitric Acid passivation? Looking to treat the surface of something roughly 1'x1' square plate.

Alan Viosca
Engineer doing product R&D - Seattle, Washington, USA
^- -^

60678. Looking for Polishing Services

February 1, 2018

RFQ: The company I work for is looking for long term polishing supplier in the United States. We are looking to do foil polishing.
Foil length: 50 m or 200 m.
Foil Width: 320 mm
Foil Thickness: 75 µm
Desired Surface Roughness: Less than 0.01 µm.

Brian Baker
Employee - Arizona
^- -^

60667.Clear coating of brass stampings

January 16, 2018

RFQ: Can anyone recommend a So. Cal. plating shop that can clear coat brass stampings?



Jack McDevitt
Business owner - Orange California
^- -^

60659. Looking to restore Apple Covers

December 23, 2017

RFQ: We sell a lot of Apple refurbished products, we have a lot of 13"-17" diagonal covers that have scratches/blemishes. These are originally anodized by Apple. We need someone who can restore the finish we need it color matched and have worked before with Apple parts.

Yuriy Art
- Sacramento, California, USA
^- -^

60657. Need Electropolishing of Aluminum

December 28, 2017

RFQ: I have a project requiring electropolishing fabricated aluminum plates.
They are 2 meter x 3 meter art panels.

William Zahner
manufacturer - Kansas City, Missouri, USA
^- -^

60650. Need jewelry findings and components plated in South Texas

December 11, 2017

RFQ: I am looking for a company to silver/gold plate jewelry findings that will be durable and reasonably priced. I am hoping for this service to be in South Texas near San Antonio or shipping items would be acceptable.

Linda Sill
- New Braunfels, Texas, USA
^- -^

60647. Need Alodine on Magnesium Parts

December 7, 2017

RFQ: Hi, I am looking for someone in SF area who can apply Alodine to Magnesium parts. I already tried 10 vendors with no success. Thanks,

Agus Cardenas
- South SF, California
^- -^

60646. Aerospace Mfgr. Needs Blue Anodize on Inconel 625

December 7, 2017

RFQ: I am looking for a company to perform blue anodize on Inconel 625. I have read several articles stating this is possible but finding a company capable has been unsuccessful. This is for an aerospace component application.

Bill Freeman
Director of Sales & Program Management - Tulsa, Oklahoma USA
^- -^

60635. Looking for platinum plating vendor

November 28, 2017

RFQ: We have a custom project looking to deposit 3-5 microns of platinum for use as a dimensionally stable electrode. We can supply the substrate with any strike material desired for best adhesion, durability, etc. Nickel, Gold, Silver.

David Pain
Engineer - La Jolla, California United States
^- -^

60618. Silver Plating loaded bullets

November 25, 2017

RFQ: I am looking to silver plate loaded bullets to sell as a novelty item. I have silver plated (Caswell brush plating unit) 50 9mm Luger bullets. I have shot 10 of them with no problems. I am looking for someone to silver plate 2000-3000 bullets of various calibers. The calibers I am looking to have plated are 9mm Lugar, .223 Remingtion, .45 ACP, .40 S and W. I am looking to have this done ASAP.

Scott Newbanks
- Lake Havasu City, Arizona
^- -^

60551. Black-Nickel Plating job -- ongoing business

October 31, 2017

RFQ: Hopefully looking for a business in the Northwest (Seattle area) that can Black-Nickle Barrel tumble plate about 200 lbs of small brass parts every few months. I would love to hear from you.

Nick Pierce
buyer - Seattle, Washington, USA
^- -^

Need "Chrome" Anodization (also called: Polished Silver, Bright Anodization)

October 27, 2017

RFQ: Hi,

I need someone that can anodize 6063 T5 aluminum in "chrome". This finish is also sometimes called Polished Silver, Bright Anodized, or Mirror Finish.

Suppliers from anywhere in the world are fine as long as you can make the finish. U.S. is preferred but at the appropriate price. Orders will be 10,000+ units at a time.


Max Gora
Buyer - Chicago, Illinois, USA
^- -^

60542. Need Silver Anodizing

October 25, 2017

RFQ: I have a customer that is looking to source Silver Anodizing here in the states. Parts are currently manufactured in N/W Pennsylvania, shipped to the UK for plating and then brought back to the US.

In addition to my inquiry ... what is Silver Anodize, I've never heard of it. And yes, I've already asked the question if it could be clear anodize.

Thanks in advance,

Jeff Hanaway
Buyer - Meadville, Pennsylvania
^- -^

60540. Need Shop to Apply MIL-P-23377 Primer

October 24, 2017

RFQ: My company very recently got approved to start quoting govt/mil jobs - we are a small machine shop and looking for a company that does primer mil-p-23377, type II - thanks and have a blessed day

Glen Abney
Genesis Machine and Tool - Cynthiana Kentucky USA
^- -^

60535. Chroming a bronze bracelet

October 23, 2017

RFQ: I have an old bronze braided bracelet. I would like to have it chromed or silvered. Where may I find someone to help with this?

- Florida, USA
^- -^

60532. Need shop to repaint yellowing handles on my white refrigerator

October 19, 2017

RFQ: Is there a company that repaints yellowing plastic trim on the front of my white

^- -^

60529. Need Re-porcelain of kitchen sink

October 14, 2017

RFQ: Desperately searching a company that can re-porcelain my cast iron double sink ... any suggestions,please? I'd really like to keep this antique 1950's sink.

Carms yu
- Elmwood park,new jersey
^- -^

60524. Need Silver Plating of 10 foot Copper Bars

October 9, 2017

RFQ: I am needing 10 FT Copper bars silver plated.

Tayna Ellsworth
- Selmer, Tennessee US
^- -^

60522. Hand rubbed oil bronze finish

October 8, 2017

RFQ: I restore antique clocks, so I am looking for someone who can polish and lacquer brass, and can also do hand rubbed oil bronze finishes, as well as other metal plating. I have been very impressed with the forum posts from
Alicia Moreno "La Kromadora" Escondido, San Diego No., California.
I am looking for someone knowledgable like her. This would be for ongoing work.

- Escondido California
^- -^

60521. Looking to find a place to have PVD coating applied to firearms

October 7, 2017

RFQ: We are a small firearms store in northern Illinois. We do alot of custom work for people and ALOT of people ask if we can do PVD or TiN coatings on firearm parts. We have found a local TiN coater, but their work isn't the best quality so we are looking for somewhere we can either take the parts to have done, or send them off. Colors kist often asked for are rainbow PVD, titanium nitride, and black PVD. If anyone knows of someone who does quality work for a fair price and who will do firearm parts, we would live to know who and where. Thank you very much.

Custom gun builder/gunsmith - Sycamore, Illinois, united states
^- -^

60517. Cleaning up and Anodizing Investment Casting Brazed to Extrusion

October 3, 2017

RFQ: I'm looking for someone, preferably in the Montreal area, who can take care of cleaning up and anodizing some AL parts for me (Type II). Anodizing to protect first, visually appealing would be nice to have but not critical.


The part comprises an investment casting 713AL (BAlSi4) part that's been brazed to a 6061 extrusion using the Nocolok process, it has not been cleaned up after the braze and still has oxides etc on the surface. They may need to be mechanically cleaned before etch.

Niall Davidson
Product Designer - Montreal, QC, Canada
^- -^

60514. Plating on plastic

September 22, 2017

RFQ: Who can plate nickel or chrome on plastic?

James McCann
engineer - Cincinnati Ohio USA
^- -^

60511. Electrochemical Coloring of Stainless Steel 304 in Vancouver, B.C., Canada

September 19, 2017

RFQ: My projects involves coloring my stainless steel 304 parts into purpish, blue, and brownish-yellow in a transition manner.

I am wondering where in local Vancouver, B.C area can do chromium oxidation with sulphuric acid ?

Many Thanks!

Frank Chen
Product Designer - Vancouver, B.C, Canada
^- -^

60509. Iridescent Plating-Anodize Aluminum

September 14, 2017

RFQ: looking for shop in So Cal to do - Iridescent Plating Aluminum or anodizing small aluminum parts 6061 in either the Iridescent or rainbow finish - Also known as Titanium Rainbow.

Small runs of 100 pc at a time.

Jeff Squires
product mfg - San Diego, California USA
^- -^

60506. Small Project (Black Anodizing Needed)

September 6, 2017

RFQ: I can send images, CAD files, or whatever you may need. I am in need of a fast turn around, for a Print & Apply machine used in production environments.

- Tinton Falls, New Jersey
^- -^

60501. Need Magnesium Refinishing in California

August 30, 2017

RFQ: I'm looking to refinish some magnesium engine parts for an old race car and trying to find someone local in So. Calif.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Robert B.

Robert Brown
- Corona, California, USA
^- -^

60613. Black Chrome GT 500 emblems

August 24, 2017

RFQ: I have a 2009 GT 500 that I would like to purchase brand new exterior emblems for and would like to ship from an American shop to somebody that can apply a black chrome finish to. I have tried many shops in Canada with no success.

Mike Richardson
Customizing 2009 GT 500 - Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada
^- -^

60611. Copper Cupola Refurbishment/Cleaning

August 10, 2017

RFQ: I am bidding a construction project in Massachusetts. Part of the job requires us to Refurbish/Clean a historic Copper Cupola and install it on top of a monument. The cupola base is 5 ft x 5 ft square. It is 7 feet tall with a weather vain on top. The specifications say to 1) Repair all damaged components, including any punctures in the existing salvaged copper cupola. 2) Clean Cupola. Patina on cupola may be removed if necessary to provide a consistent finish. 3) All refurbishment shall match finish of adjacent surfaces upon completion of cleaning work. I just need to know the approximate cost of this type of work. I have not had any luck so far. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Robert Bragger
Estimator / Project Manager - West Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA
^- -^

60620. Polish aluminum truck rims

August 2, 2017

Hello my name is Anders,
I'm looking for somebody who can polish a set of aluminum truck rims, to deep for the standard machines I have so far run across.
As well as other parts.
Greatly appreciate if anybody reading this could give me a name.


Anders Ragnarsson
- CHESTER New Hampshire
^- -^

60610. In need of plater for gold Rhodium and Nickel

August 1, 2017

RFQ: We are looking for a plater to plate our aluminum items. We do gold rhodium and nickel now and are open to other options. We do lot sizes of 1 to a few hundred. We currently do about 20k in plating per year. We would like to build a long term relationship. We want the best quality possible.

Jonathan Schipper
- Ellenville New York USA
^- -^

60477. Changing roman tub hardware from gold to brushed nickel

July 7, 2017

RFQ: I just bought a 20 year old house with roman tub in bathroom. We are remodeling, and changing all the sink fixtures from gold to brushed nickel. However, the tub hardware seems to not be identifiable by all the local specialty bathroom stores, so can't find replacement parts. Thinking of refinishing. Any leads on a shop that has done this?

Stephen Groves
- Charlotte, North Carolina USA
^- -^

60476. Polishing of stainless steel bumper

June 30, 2017

RFQ: Need a pro to polish a stainless steel motor home bumper. Crease was been straightened after an encounter with a gate post so that I could tow my SUV, but the shop that did the repair was not equipped to do the polishing. I am in middle Tennessee with flexible plans to go east into the Carolinas after the 4th of July and on into Virginia for August. I can remove the bumper and bring it to the repair site. It is flat, 8 ft long and 11 inches wide.


David Coffman
- Columbia Tennessee USA
^- -^

60475. Need MIL-DTL-5541 Type II Class 1A/3 Color Clear (dyed Yellow/ Gold) RoHS Compliant

June 27, 2017

RFQ: Hi,
I am looking for a provider who can do MIL-DTL-5541 Type II Class 1A/3 Color Clear (dyed Yellow/ Gold) RoHS Compliant finish for heavy volume fabrication in the California area or other states.

Andy Bhat
Mechanical Engineer - Lake Forest, California, USA
^- -^

60472. Need powder coater who also does salt spray testing - Kansas City, MO area

June 28, 2017

RFQ: I am trying to locate a powder coater who also does salt spray testing.
I am located near Kansas City, MO. I am hoping to find a vendor who is geographically close as possible.

Terry Wood
Estimator - Lees Summit, Missouri, USA
^- -^

60469. Need brass amadeya42 expertise in Little Rock

June 22, 2017


^- -^

60463. Masking & hard black anodize .002"

June 15, 2017

RFQ: I have a 6061 heat sink, which requires chem film first, masking on very specific sealing surfaces and then hard black anodize. First question what is your opinion on liquid masking and which are you using? Second if there are any shops out there that wish to take on this style of project, please send that as well.

steve tanner
outside processing and 20 year anodizer - garland, texas
^- -^

60607. Black Electroless Nickel Plating Service Required on Northern California / Bay Area / Palo Alto

June 10, 2017

RFQ: Hi there,

I'm looking for local companies who can provide Black Electroless Nickel Plating in the NorCal/Bay Area.

My material is ALU 6061-T6 and I am based in Redwood City/Palo Alto. I've got a large on-going requirement for the Black Electroless Nickel plating and I'm hoping to find a local company to work with.


Ryan Tyler
- Palo Alto, California, USA
^- -^

60604. Need Black Pickling

May 18, 2017

RFQ: I am looking for a company that can do black pickling of items up to 80"L x 36" D. Using the formula HNO3 (20-25%) with H2SO4 (1-5%) and some H3PO4 (up to 5%). Will work w/company that may need to upgrade some to meet ability.

Max Brewington
Purchasing Manager - Dallas, Texas
^- -^

60621. Need Trivalent Chem-Filming

May 16, 2017

I am interested in getting MIL-DTL-5541, type II in the same gold color as type I (through the addition of dye). Are there any companies near Los Angeles that would be able to provide the previously mentioned spec (Type II) with gold dye that would still be RoHS compliant?

Michael Koval
- El Segundo, California, USA
^- -^

60457. I need an affordable Vacuum Metalizing company for small parts.

May 4, 2017

RFQ: Hi. I'm working on producing plastic scale model kits of hot rod cars. I need a very affordable Vacuum Metalizing company to "chrome plate" the small plastic parts in my kits... preferably in the USA, but you can be anywhere in the world if shipping to me in Hawaii is affordable.

I can set up the parts to be positioned on sprues or racks that make it the most convenient for you to finish them.

Thank you,


Steve Scott
New business development - Volcano, Hawaii, USA
^- -^

60452. Need Pickling Services

May 19, 2017

RFQ: I am looking for suppliers that can do pickling on large items up to 80"length x 36" dia. using the following formula:
HNO3 (20-25%) with H2SO4 (1-5%) and some H3PO4 (up to 5%)
Please contact me to receive a formal RFP document.

Max Brewington
Purchasing Manager - Dallas
^- -^

60451. Fluorocarbon Type coating on zinc die castings

May 18, 2017

RFQ: I am quoting some zinc die castings. The print calls out a spec of DX550803, Fluorocarbon Type coating. It looks like an ecoat. Nobody seems to recognize the spec. I need someone to do this coating for me. Low volume/service parts.

Craig Lapierre
manufacturer - Clinton Twp, Michigan USA
^- -^

60450. Plasma electrolytic oxidation vendors

May 15, 2017

RFQ: I am currently looking into eliminating the necessity of a customer to use hardened steel inserts on a wear surface. The mold is made out of aluminum and I had first thought of hardcoat, but came across PEO as a newer, and better coating method. Is anyone aware of some vendors in the Chicagoland area or slightly larger radius? I am googling till I'm red in the face and cannot seem to find any.

Nik Pitas
- Virgil, Illinois, USA
^- -^

60601. Anodizing aluminum pan

April 28, 2017

RFQ: I have two calphalon 10" everyday pans. They do not make them any more. I ruined one by using oven cleaner on the inside and it removed the anodized finish. The other one has a non stick finish and I would like to remove it and have the inside of the pan anodized. I would like to find someone in the Seattle, Washington area that could do this for me. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Wendy Luker
- Seattle, Washington
^- -^

60446. Blackened steel finish

April 21, 2017

RFQ: Does somebody know who does blackened Steel amadeya42 in the NYC area?


Moishe Schwimmer
- Brooklyn New York
^- -^

Ed. note --
Moishe: Please try to detail your needs rather than posting in the abstract. Some shops do only small hardware size black amadeya42, others do only large parts; some shops serve only industry, others serve only consumers; some black finishes are suitable for some applications, others only for other applications. Thanks!

60443. Need Diamond Electroplating in California.

April 19, 2017

RFQ: I am looking for someone, a company or a skilled experienced individual to electroplate diamond abrasive onto machined steel, about 100 pieces, possibly more in the future (I'm selling the product retail). I prefer someone in California because the machined parts are made here and would probably be expensive to ship.

Ray West
retailer - Porterville, California USA
^- -^

60441. Need Good PAA amadeya42 shop

April 18, 2017

RFQ: I need a good, reliable, quality PAA house to do several hundred 3' x 6' aluminum panels. The closer to Delaware the better.

Any recommendations?

Mark Krivanich
- Georgetown, Delaware, USA
^- -^

60440. Plating Services in Mexico

April 18, 2017

RFQ: Looking for a chrome plating company in Mexico.
My piece is 8.0 inches long, 3.0 inches wide, 2.75 inches tall.
weights about 1.0 lbs & an exposed underbelly.
I need about 20 pieces plated.
it will be a personal custom art ornament exposed to the elements in Colorado.

Jaymus Perry
Artist - Durango, Colorado
^- -^

60439. NeedFaucet Handle & Spout - Chrome or Satin Nickel

April 12, 2017

RFQ: I let this sink faucet sit for too long in vinegar to remove the calcium deposit. Vinegar ate up the Satin Nickel finish.
Kindly quote the least expensive (probably chrome) electroplating and Satin Nickel please.

The two items (Handle & spout) are brass. The Cylindrical item is plastic.

Jag Sera
builder remodeller - Yonkers, New York
^- -^

60430. Need a NADCAP certified plater for Zinc Plating on Steel

April 11, 2017

RFQ: I'm looking for a NADCAP Certified Plater who handles NADCAP certified Zinc plating on Cold Rolled Steel per the following spec:

Yellow Zinc Plate, Per ASTM B633 [link by ed. to spec at TechStreet]
Type II, SC1
.0003" MAXIMUM

Looking for a vendor as close as possible to the Kansas City, MO area.

Thank you!

Terry Wood
Estimator, Sheet Metal Job Shop - Lee's Summit, Missouri
^- -^

60426. Cast iron dog statue restoration

April 5, 2017

RFQ: I have two cast iron dogs. They are in need of some repair and restoration. They are in Vermont but can be transported to best facility. I need a recommendation for restorer. Thanks, Mark

Mark Smith
- Ocala, Florida
^- -^


March 29, 2017





jewellery importer - CLORINDA, ARGENTINA
^- -^

60413. Need decorative matte gold or matte brass plating for a sink base

March 24, 2017

RFQ: I need a vendor who can electroplate some console sink legs in a matte brass or matte gold finish. Would prefer not to pay for real gold. Base is on pieces, currently chrome. Largest piece is 34" long by 2" across. Urgent

60413-1b 60413-1a

The longest piece is 32" long. We are trying to get close to the finish in the faucet shown below.
60413-1c 60413-1d

Jaimee Rose
Interior designer - Phoenix, Arizona
^- -^

60599. Looking for Gold Plating on a Copper Sink Basin

March 22, 2017

RFQ: I am looking to have a round copper sink basin plated in gold for residential use. The sink is approximately 20" in diameter and 6.5" deep. I would like the plating thickness to be in the 4-6 micron range.

Jodie K
- Denver, Colorado
^- -^

60412. Looking For A Company To Finish Zamak 3 DIE CAST PARTS (FLAT BLACK AND Gun Metal Grey)

March 21, 2017

RFQ: Hello this is Michael Haupers re. powder coating. Each part in no less than 100,000 a month up to 300,000 a month per part. We need to accomplish a flat black and a gun metal grey. We are on a very tight deadline, we need quotes back asap so we can pull the trigger on our casting company. The ALLOY TUBE, END CAP and MOUTH CAP are all zinc 3. The IRONĀ FLIPĀ Is MIM Iron, and the KNUCKLES are powdered metal (could be steel, or iron). If you could send out samples we can make sure it's what we are looking for that would be great, I could even come pick them up. Thank you for your assistance and I look forward to hearing back from you.

Michael Haupers
Company President (buyer) - Bensenville, Illinois USA
^- -^

60597. Need low-cost silver mirror-coating for large acrylic parts

March 14, 2017

RFQ: My company needs a second-surface silver mirror coating to be deposited on molded acrylic optical panels. The panels are about 18" x 14". Looking for a low-cost process - can either be a vendor-provided service or a coating product that we apply in-house. Thanks!

Alexander Paz
Engineer - Burlingame, California
^- -^

60595. Zinc Plating for 12' Panels

March 13, 2017

RFQ: Need to have 12' 2" solid steel panels zinc plated. If you are able to accommodate these panels, please let me know. Thank you.

Eileen Longstreath
EM Enterprises, Inc. - Philadelphia
^- -^

60407. Need 24 karat gold plating of bathtub legs which are brass

March 10, 2017

RFQ: I have a custom bathroom I am doing; the customer wants the legs on the tub 24k plated; they are currently brass.
Feel free to call.

Chris Murphy
Contractor - New York City USA
^- -^

60593. Chrome plater needed for door hardware with steady new orders

March 1, 2017

RFQ: Chrome, bronze, nickel, oil rubbed bronze finishes needed for door hardware. Can send all business or just chrome.

Brad Williams
hardware mfgr. - Charleston South Carolina
^- -^

60397. Need Koch Barber Chair parts chrome re-plated

February 23, 2017

RFQ: I am restoring an early 20th century Koch barbers chair. I need to get the metal parts re-chrome plated and I am looking for someone who can plate these parts that is located in Central NJ/shore area.

Thank you for your help.

Mchael Rodgers
Restorer - Brick, New Jersey
^- -^

60396. Need Stainless steel pocket knife blackened

February 22, 2017

RFQ:. Need to have a stainless steel pocket knife blackened

Hesh Goldstein
- Red Bank, New Jersey USA
^- -^

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