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60681. Trying to find a supplier for small amounts of Aluminum anodizing chemicals.

January 31, 2018

RFQ: Dear, Sirs
I'm a college student about to graduate with an associates in machining. I spent the last quarter doing detailed research on smaller anodizing set ups. My teacher wants to add anodizing to the processes we cover at school and I have found everything except a supplier for the chemicals. I contacted usspecialty with no luck, and can't figure out the chemical names for the chemicals to purchase them through a wholesaler. I'm figuring since I have spent a lot of time reading this forum that you guys can probably answer these questions for me. I'm thankful for the information I have gotten already hoping to get the last thing I need.

grant oney
Student - seattle, Washington
^- -^

Ed. note: if you don't get responses, just google "hobby plating suppliers". You'll want a non-etch caustic cleaner, aluminum caustic etch, de-smutting solution (for this the supplier will want to know what alloy), 15% by weight sulfuric acid, dyes in whatever colors you want, nickel acetate sealing solution (alternately, use boiling DI water for sealing).

60680. Need Clear Coat for Birch(wood) that goes on 63 mils DFT

January 29, 2018

RFQ: I am looking for Clear Coat for Birch(wood) that goes on 63 mils (1/16") DFT. Is there such a beast? Ideally, approved by NSF (National Sanitation Foundation).
Thank you.

David Jacobson
coating co. - Bellingham, Massachusetts USA
^- -^

60673. Printed Board Pad Plating

January 23, 2018

RFQ: I am interested get in contact with experts and vendors providing knowledge / solutions regarding coating of Cu pads on PCBs. The coating should provide higher mechanical robustness and less material migration during el. current flow over contact spot. (Current reference is Hard Au on Ni on Cu pad). Another material compositions than Ni and Au would be to be discussed in following. Thanks.

Adam Przybilla
- Neubiberg, Germany
^- -^

60660. Looking for automated silvering station for vinyl records

December 15, 2017

RFQ: My company is in need of an automated silvering station but I'm having trouble finding one. I see a few on YouTube but unsure of the manufactures that make them. Any help would be great.

Jonathan Meyer
- Charlotte, North Carolina
^- -^

Need 3M Tape and Roller for Adhesion Test

December 29, 2017

RFQ: I want to use the 3m 250 tape and also a precise poundage roller (4 to 5 lbs?) in North Carolina and was wondering where to buy roller and tape in small qty. of 1 to 2 rolls. Please advise.

SW Medlin
- Claremont, North Carolina, USA
^- -^

60641. Looking for a good source for plating anodes

December 1, 2017

RFQ: Specifically looking for expanded type, lead/antimony, varying OD & length. Thanks.

Shannon Kelty
Plating Shop - CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa US
^- -^

Need salt spray chamber

November 6, 2017

RFQ: We are looking for a Salt Spray chamber that can run up to 20 Q panels at a time. We would like a quote for a good unit made in the US.
Thank you.

Terry Welch
- Pewaukee, Wisconsin USA
^- -^

60544. Need Durophos-25, and Keykote-38

October 25, 2017

RFQ: 1) We are looking for US supplier of Durophos-25 or equal. Data sheet required.
2) We are looking for US supplier of Keykote-38 or equal. Data sheet required.

Tom Pessarra
buyer - Pasadena, Texas, USA
^- -^

60533. Need advice and equipment for aluminum and steel amadeya42

October 19, 2017

RFQ: Musical Instrument manufacturer in Neptune New Jersey seeking advice and to purchase equipment:

We need advice on putting brush, grain and polished finishes on aluminum and steel tone bars for our vibraphones and glockenspiels.

What machines should we be using?
What belts should we be using?

We believe we are in the market for a new or used "mini-timesaver" (narrow belt) and other amadeya42 equipment for these and other amadeya42 operations we have in our factory. Our widest metal bars are 2-1/2 inches wide.

Leigh Stevens, CEO
business owner - Neptune New Jersey USA
^- -^

60428. Need Paintbooth

August 12, 2017

RFQ: We're looking for an automotive paint booth. Used, in good condition showing minimal wear. Mixing room would be an added bonus. Heat/air makeup would also be great, and fire suppression. Semi downdraft, or modified down draft preferred

Adam Hammer
Hammer & Dolly Auto Restorations - Traverse City, Michigan

60612. Need Electrodes

August 11, 2017

RFQ: I need Gr1 Titanium as substrate, mixed Ruthenium-Iridium oxide or mixed Ruthenium-Iridium-Stannum-Titanium oxide as coating on 3" x 12" strips of titanium; depending on price from 10 to 50. Thanks.

^- -^

60632. Job Shop Software

June 22, 2017

RFQ: My employer has me searching for a seamless software that will integrate the "recipe" software from our automated lines with the remaining scope of all of our other day to day operations. I have found several that keep up with the lines, i.e. how long each load is run, rectifier voltage, specs etc. And I have found several that allows us to receive orders and create job travelers, invoice, order supplies, etc. But I have not found any thus far that have ALL these capabilities under one flag.

Can anyone point me in the direction or is there such a program?

John Hatfield
- Vonore, Tennessee USA
^- -^

60606. Mini Electroplating Plant_Laboratory and Small Scale Production

June 1, 2017

RFQ: Looking for a vendor who offers Laboratory & Small Scale Production Electroplating Line. Something like Technic Inc offers, Mini Plating Plant.
Thank you.

Julia Savchenko
- Austin
^- -^

60603. Need Scotch sponges

May 9, 2017

RFQ: I'm looking for what they called scotch sponge..it picks up gold flakes when brushed off as extra to recycle..is there a new product?? Done gold leafing for 22 years. Company no longer makes them.. was from m.swift and sons..

Jamie Hodack
Employee - Corunna, Michigan. Usa
^- -^

60600. Available eddy current machines

April 10, 2017

RFQ: Our plating company currently uses CMI 700 series eddy current machine. I was wondering what other competing brands are available. I would like something that has a USB port or utilizes wireless or bluetooth technology for printing. The 700 series only allows you to print with a dot matrix printer using a parallel port. Will need to print out histograms, trends, and x bar and r charts. The statistics I am interested in are mean, high and low, standard deviation, % deviation, CPK, etc.

We plate zinc on steel, cad on steel and copper on steel. The specification tolerances are from .01-1.50 mils or 2.5-37.5 microns.

I am looking for both handheld and desktop units with pricing.

Thank You

Kevin Tolliver
Quality Manager - Ashtabula,Ohio,USA
^- -^

60427. Looking to purchase a new plate out cell unit

April 5, 2017

RFQ: We are looking to purchase a new Plate Out Cell unit. The unit will be used to recover silver from bath drag out.

Dave S
Methode Electronics - Rolling Meadows, Illinois USA
^- -^

60619. Need spoon to remove galvanizing dross

March 22, 2017

RFQ: Where I can find a spoon to remove the gross?

Marco Devora
- Chihuahua, Mexico
^- -^

60596. Need Automated Bead Blasting

March 13, 2017

RFQ: Hello all I am trying to achieve a consistent bead blasted finish on large architectural stainless steel plates. In doing it with a pressure blast pot I am getting a lot of spotting. I've heard there are CNC bead blasting machines to achieve a consistent finish but I am having trouble finding out any information. If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated!

Tom Beine
amadeya42 Mgr - Broomall, Pennsylvania USA
^- -^

60405. Looking for e-coating consultant

March 7, 2017

RFQ: Looking for an experienced and proficient in e-coating process specialist, capable of starting e-coating process from scratch. Cost calculation, layout, waste disposal, labor optimization, quality control etc.
Contact me directly by phone.

Felix Kaplun
VP, Engineering and New Products - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
^- -^

60630. Coulometric Coating Thickness Tester for ASTM B764-04 [link by ed. to spec at TechStreet]

March 2, 2017

RFQ: I'm interested in purchasing a coulometric coating thickness tester. There are 2 brands that I've looked into:
- Kocour 6000
- Fischer Couloscope CMS STEP
Does anyone have experience with either of these instruments? Either good or bad.

I'm mostly interested in measuring Cr thickness (~0.3 um) on Ni, and measuring the electrochemical potential of bright and semi-bright Ni. The price differences between the two are very different (Fischer being more expensive). Does anyone know the differences in capabilities are?


Laura Davis
materials engineer - San Jose, California
^- -^

60387. SEEKING amadeya42 EXPERT (UV, Sublimation, In-mold decorating, etc.)

February 9, 2017

RFQ: I am seeking a highly knowledgable and experienced person on various amadeya42 technologies. I believe UV printing, sublimation printing, In-mold decoration may be the right solution for our mass-production amadeya42 needs, but maybe there is a better method of which I am unaware? This is a specialty product so maybe it will require a creative solution?

Expert knowledge of many technologies is a must for success in quickly identifying the right approach and securing a manufacturer (finishing factory).

Pierre Deveaux
patent holder, buyer - Columbus
^- -^

60629. Rose Gold Anodizing Dye Source

February 8, 2017

RFQ: I am looking for information on a source of Rose Gold anodizing dye that would match Apples iPone color. Does anyone know a source or the process? I was thinking of getting some FAO Gold dye and try mixing some pink dye with it. Not sure if you can mix an organic dye with it.


David Seiffert
Product Designer - Houston, Texas, USA
^- -^

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