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Current Topics:

Category --
Process: 0. Corrosion. Compatibility, Choosing a Finish
Preparation: 1a. Mechanical Prep 1b. Chemical Pretreatments 1c. Masking & Racking
Inorganic amadeya42: 2a. Anodizing & Light Metals 2b. Electroplating & Electroforming 2c. Electroless Plating
2d. PVD, CVD, Vacuum Processes 2e. Galvanizing, Hot Dipping 2f. Black Oxide, Bluing, Coloring
2g. Other Inorganic amadeya42 Processes
Organic amadeya42: 3a. Electropainting, Autophoretic 3b. Powder Coating 3c. Lacquers, Clearcoats
3d. Painting, Printing, Adhesives, Organic Coatings
Post-treatments: 4a. Chemical Post-treatments 4b. Baking & Non-chemical Post-treatments 4c. Stripping, Reworks, etc.
Supporting Issues: 5a. Analysis, Lab Technique, QA/QC 5b. Water, Wastewater, Pollution 5c. Safety, Emissions, Toxicity
5d. Plant & Process Engineering 5e. Software, Specs, Books, Stats 5f. World Wide Word Of The Week
5g. REACH, RoHS, E-O-L, etc. 5h. Mostly metallurgy
Non-industrial: 6a. Hobbyists, Enthusiasts, Artists 6b. Research, Thesis work 6c. K-12 Science Projects, Elementary to High School
Not Metal amadeya42: 7. Off Topic, but Interesting


60698. Need help with a coating for my application - Threaded hole in steel cap open Q. (February 21)
03066. Aluminum Anodizing vs. Powder Coating (February 21)
07897. Brass plug stuck in aluminum housing (February 19)
27167. Stainless hardware is destroying aluminum pool pump camera (February 18)
58242. MS vs. GI for letter boxes and changing room lockers (February 16)
03606. Black Chrome Plating of Lighting Components (February 9)
43765. Galvanic compatibility of Monel wire and 304 stainless in sodium hydroxide (February 2)
34441. Plating vs. vacuum metallizing vs. chrome-look painting of plastic open Q. (January 24)
60534. Is rust contagious? (January 23)
26899. What metals rust the fastest (steel, copper, bronze) open Q. (January 20)
16063. 4XX Stainless Screws vs. Zinc Plated for Windows and Doors? (January 3)
06082. Difference Between Chrome and Nickel Plating (December 29)
33550. Material of construction for concentrated H2SO4 (December 20)
60644. Coating System for Corrosion Category 5 Structures (December 15)
03354. Will type 304 SS buttons rust in a washing machine? (December 15)
41460. How to get Dull Surface on Stainless Mesh camera (December 15)
51980. Finishes for Bolts on Galvanized Structural Steel (December 15)
25809. Need finish recommendation for stainless steel battery contact (December 15)
13807. High friction coating for aluminum or SS rod (December 15)
46184. Non-magnetic Material for Bearing Slot (December 15)
42140. Zn-Ni Plated Screws for ACM Panel Framing? (December 10)
60639. Alternative to Hot dip Galvanizing for Household Gas Tanks open Q. (December 1)
60560. Recommended bronze and black finish for stainless steel household product (November 28)
45692. Galvanic Corrosion problems between mating contacts (November 22)



60683. Sandblasting iron with copper slag open Q. (February 6)
44536. Non-flammable mineral abrasive powder open Q. (January 26)
06053. Want shiny finish on stainless steel bolts/screws (January 8)
13730. Making a mirror surface in a Dia 2.5 mm hole in SUS316 (December 27)
30941. Measuring/specifying surface finish on Circular Lay Pattern camera open Q. (November 27)
14468. Formula for polishing paste for steel sheets open Q. (November 21)
58397. amadeya42 stainless steel eyeglass frames (November 20)


13366. Problems and solutions in zinc phosphating (February 21)
28680. Citric Acid vs. Nitric Acid Passivation (February 12)
32106. Using HCl to remove rust (February 12)
60685. How to etch Chromium film on 304SS without creating any roughness? open Q. (February 7)
47682. Electropolishing chrome cobalt alloys (January 24)
13405. Electropolishing Hastelloy open Q. (January 19)
50566. Titanium etch chemical ratios (January 18)
13628. Passivating stainless steel causes loss of mirror polish (January 18)
47183. Can't get TRUE BLACK Manganese phosphate on S7 MIM Tool steel open Q. (January 11)
18495. Electropolishing of stainless steel: solution composition open Q. (January 8)
46618. Where to get citric acid for SST passivation? (January 4)
01264. De-scaling of Hot Rolled black Steel, Flats & Bars (December 29)
04561. Cleaning Molybdenum parts; Molybdenum and Hydrocarbons (December 29)
46041. Electropolishing 4xx stainless steel camera (December 26)
53012. Electrolytic Etching of Aluminum Plates open Q. (December 20)
09178. How To Remove Oxide Film on Titanium Alloy? open Q. (December 17)
09146. Electropolishing of Brass (December 12)
43921. Removal of mineral oil before electroplating (December 8)
20475. Manganese Phosphate pits question (November 22)
11822. Passivating carbon steel pipe for DI water (November 17)
00479. Pickling & passivating TIG welded stainless (November 13)


58316. Liquid masking for anodizing (February 21)

2. INORGANIC amadeya42 PROCESSES . . .

2a. ANODIZING AND LIGHT METAL TREATMENTS (Aluminum, Magnesium, Titanium)

43451. Color variations in Chem film MIL-DTL-5541 class 1A gold (February 21)
44433. 6061-T6 Panels Fail Salt Spray after Treatment with Alodine camera (February 19)
04408. How to make alum from anodizing solution open Q. (February 13)
58771. Spotting on aluminum parts with chromate finish (February 13)
21875. Corrosion on 2024 Chromate, Salt Spray Test (February 9)
24066. Importance of nickel acetate in anodize sealing (February 7)
06885. Problems & Solutions in Passivation of Titanium (February 3)
01265. Titanium anodizing solution hydrolyzes open Q. (January 27)
41079. Titanium Deox/etch open Q. (January 24)
15825. After re-working the chem-film, the anodizing dye is bleeding (January 19)
60670. Corrosion of vehicle Aluminium accessories vip open Q. (January 19)
27719. Clear anodized aluminum appearance flaw -- looks galvanized open Q. (January 11)
22258. vip Brown stains on chromic acid anodising camera (January 6)
45157. Phosphate Fluoride Treatment of Titanium using Aluminum Racks open Q. (January 4)
22139. Satin Anodized Aluminum camera (January 3)
27504. What causes large crystals to form in the anodize tank? camera (January 3)
14352. Grain structure visible through anodising camera open Q. (December 9)
11001. Hiding scratches on brushed bronze finish anodized aluminum (December 6)
03362. Paint adhesion failures over Mil-C-5541 chromate conversion coating (December 5)
42754. Anodizing to a matte black finish (November 20)
06326. Odd overly matte surface finish noticed after anodizing (November 20)
51933. Rare 1935 Bugatti Showcar with Magnesium Body Needs Protective Surface! (November 19)
32137. Burning problem in hard anodizing (November 13)
19121. FPL Etch Q&A's, Problems & Solutions open Q. (November 13)
15048. Blotched areas on Clear Anodize, Material or Plating problem? camera (November 10)


53424. Palladium undercoating for gold plating? (February 21)
05358. Bio-fouling of gold plating tank (February 17)
30106. How many salt spray hours for zinc plating without chromate? open Q. (February 16)
11800. Dots when acid copper plating open Q. (February 14)
60693. Micro cracked hard chrome open Q. (February 13) vip
60692. Chrome Plating Steel Parts Scrap Rate open Q. (February 13)
03778. Ni-Cr plating on diecastings -- too much Cu, not enough Ni? (February 12)
34692. Imitation Gold Baths open Q. (February 11)
10242. Phosphating a zinc plated surface (February 11)
25024. Electrodeposition of Titanium (February 11)
04836. Function of Chloride in Acid Copper Plating Bath (February 9)
29662. The Role of Sulphuric Acid in Copper Plating (February 9) )
32077. Black spots in zinc plating (February 9)
29495. Help with Zinc plating questions (February 9)
25432. Zinc-Nickel Plating with high nickel has poor appearance (February 5)
34321. Differences between chloride (acid) and alkaline zinc plating (February 5)
46795. Discoloration of black zinc plated parts camera (February 5)
40095. Acid Zinc / Potassium Zinc Chloride Plating: Problems & Solutions open Q. (February 4)
24506. Copper plating steel grounding (earthing) rods camera open Q. (February 3)
52598. Nodular buildup at edges with chrome plating open Q. (January 31)
36277. Hard chrome hole edge has a yellow color (January 29)
37456. Blue Zinc Plating is Rusting after 3 Monthsopen Q. (January 29)
35480. Zinc plating and rust (January 24)
35202. Want anodic anti-tarnish treatment for silver plating open Q. (January 24)
22092. Black Rhodium vs, Black Ruthenium wear resistance (January 18)
13098. What is "Plating Grade" Sodium Stannate? (January 17)
17838. Silver Plating on Aluminum: Blister / Bubble Problems open Q. (January 17)
34107. Whitewashed areas in alkaline zinc plating camera open Q. (January 17)
03634. Pinhole in silver plating on etched copper leadframe (January 17)
21285. Copper plating near middle of long rods is not thick enough (January 17)
30879. Plating thickness variation in hard chrome plating (January 15)
28851. White Spots on Zinc-Nickel Plating open Q. (January 13)
60664. Zinc plating is either too thin or it bubbles (January 12)
36161. Porosity causes tiny blisters in plating (January 12)
00706. Starting Nickel/Chrome plating. Is it worth it? open Q. (January 8)
01216. Hydrogen Embrittlement in Plating open Q. (January 4)
54953. Gold plating vs Silver plating for electrical contacts (January 3)
55155. Rinsing Silver Plated Parts open Q. (December 30)
05156. Plastic moldings have scratches despite chrome plated mold (December 29)
10037. Chrome plating is too soft (December 28)
44771. Reducing Sulfate level in a Copper Bath (December 28)
51694. Huge and hair-like crystals when plating at high current (December 26)
25523. Current density for hard chrome plating open Q. (December 23)
30419. Rhodium plating solution manufacturing (December 23)
40124. Using activated carbon in Rh plating solution open Q. (December 19)
33576. Black chrome adhesion problem (December 15)
00476. Which zinc plating is best for cast iron, acid or alkaline camera (December 15)
41906. Removing Copper & Iron from Acid Zinc Plating Bath (December 9)
33784. Blisters in Nickel plating on diecast parts camera open Q. (December 6)
37918. Electroplating of iron onto copper soldering iron tips (December 5)
40243. How to zinc-nickel plate the I.D. of tubing (December 2)
52070. Pin holes problem in hard chrome plating open Q. (November 29)
45895. How to fill pits in castings for nickel plating? open Q. (November 29)
60515. Bad finish around hang/hole in Nickel-Chrome plating camera (November 28)
47037. Chromate conversion on cadmium not adhering (November 26)
04207. Bright Nickel Plating - Burnt on HCD area (November 25)
11955. Chrome Plating Problems on Gravure Printing Cylinders/Rolls (November 24)
40136. What is Maximum Hard chrome plating Thickness? (November 24)
07049. Hard Chrome Plating of Piston Crowns (November 13)
02406. Problems in ammonia chloride zinc plating: Q&A's (November 10)
25248. Wood's Nickel Strike Bath Analysis & Maintenance (November 10)
60528. Arcing burning in cadmium plating camera (November 10)
60554. Nodule Problem in Cadmium Sulphate Plating camera (November 9)
60553. How to get very high quality Chrome Finish on Brass (November 8)


57472. Go gauge enters I.D. before electroless nickel plating but not after (February 21)
18471. Electroless gold directly on ABS? open Q. (February 13)
16897. Problems doing Electroless nickel plating on stainless steel (February 13)
38067. Corrosion of electroless nickel plated aluminum parts open Q. (February 11)
25680. Nickel boron nitride, other mold release coatings open Q. (December 26)
56574. Conductive epoxy for plating metallization? (December 26)
11290. Difference between Nickel plating and Electroless Nickel plating (December 7)
51932. Moisture exuding from black electroless nickel plating during bake (December 7)
00601. Electroless Copper Plating on Alumina/Aluminum Thin Films open Q. (November 28)
24339. Why did electroless nickel turn green when heat treated? (November 24)


13026. Integrated coatings on graphite heat exchangers open Q. (February 13)
45654. Argon regulator for desktop sputter coater (February 9)
09739. Applying Nickel to Aluminum by PVD (January 27)
12049. Power Supply for Sputter Cleaning? (January 26)
28527. Base coats and top coats for vacuum metallizing open Q. (January 12)
07846. Exact way to get Rose Gold pantone color 10155C with PVD? open Q. (December 8)


54638. Kettle surface oxidizes immediately, leaving oxide lines on galvanized coating camera (February 19)
24405. Testing of hot-dip galvanized steel coils open Q. (February 13)
54149. How Can I Reduce and Remove Zinc Dross open Q. (February 13)
13211. Should I use nozzles for turbulent flow in electrolytic tank? (February 11)
29835. Galvanizing 101: "electrogalvanized" vs. hot-dipped galvanized open Q. (February 7)
41209. Flux filtering machine? open Q. (February 2)
45719. How much dross in galvanizing? (January 27)
38915. Peeling problem in galvanizing of steel open Q. (January 25)
41930. Hot dip galvanized fasteners are rusting open Q. (January 24)
46161. Removing white spots / storage stain on galvanized metal open Q. (January 19)
50428. How to make Galvanizing Flux? (January 15)
40753. How to design kettle, heating, pretreatment, degreasing, and rinsing? (December 27)
60652. Dross sticks to work, but no dross in galvanizing kettle (December 27)
25997. Prevention and removal of white rust on galvanizing (December 26)
43365. Galvanizing flux ACN rising; high ZnCl2 Consumption (December 24)
39907. Want mixing ratios for all the steps in hot dip galvanizing open Q. (December 20)
40753A.Are zinc ingots added to galvanizing tank while it's running? (December 11)
51217. Types of zinc used for galvanizing (November 25)
56867. Galvanizing discoloration camera (November 18)
52776. Pre-Galvanized vs. Post-Galvanized Sheet (November 14)


11628. White spots on Alumablack blackening camera open Q. (February 19)
01754. Blackening stainless steel: black oxide chemical dipping open Q. (January 4)
00982. Gunsmith Bluing (December 1)
04469. Cold Rust Bluing Methods (November 16)
06688. H13 Steel turning Brown with the black oxide process open Q. (November 10)

2g. OTHER INORGANIC amadeya42: Mechanical Plating, QPQ, Metal Spray, Zinc-rich Dip-Spin Coatings, etc.

10012. Field applied Galvanized Zinc Coatings? Cold galvanizing compound spray (December 29)

3. ORGANIC amadeya42 PROCESSES . . .


51966. How to increase E-coat pH? open Q. (January 27)
32574. Masking for CED Coating open Q. (January 23)


32204. Powder coating problems on Aluminum open Q. (February 9) bnRFQ: 45155. Powder coated stainless steel has rusted (February 8)
52468. Pretreatment for Powder Coating - Extruded Aluminum (February 3)
36338. Yellow powder coating turning orange (January 27)
47137. Powder coated diecast parts fail drop test open Q. (January 20) brQ.
01152. Removing oil marks from powder coating open Q. (January 13)
58050. Powder coating finishes: textured, structured, plain (January 6)
60651. Powder Equipment Not Applying Static Charge? (December 19)
01605. Is Conductive Filler Needed before Powder Coating (December 2)
01180. New Powder Coating plant setup (December 1)
39523. Powder Coat Failure on Aluminum Railings camera (November 26)
42644. Pinhole problems in powder coating camera (November 26)


29961. Clear coating over bronze (December 26)
49008. Information about cataphoresis open Q. (December 7)
23047. How to reduce paint thickness in Cathodic Electro Deposition (CED) system? (November 27)


30522. Clear coating to seal a rust patina finish on metal (February 18)
40989. Stoving Enamel is Too Matte open Q. (February 10)
60689. 'Metallizing' (for architectural) amadeya42 service (February 9)
60674. Teflon coating on SUS304 Automotive parts open Q. (January 28)
03755. Clearcoat for silver jewelry open Q. (January 27)
35373. Flexible spray chrome open Q. (January 26)
10691. Painting of zinc plated parts open Q. (January 26)
24567. Paint peel off problems on hot & cold rolled steel open Q. (January 8)
00161. Clear coating copper bathroom accessories (December 29)
18779. Teflon Coating of Large Drum open Q. (December 29)
60552. Clearcoated bronze plate gets black spots (December 26)
34052. Manganese Phosphating issues and answers (December 26)
32947. Clear polyurethane for signs open Q. (December 20)
46505. Sublimation Coating Q&A (December 11)
51995. Can't get stains off fluorocarbon paint open Q. (November 28)



12175. Seeking Touch Up Pen for Zinc Plating and Chromate open Q. (February 6)
04170. Tarnish resistant passivation of brass and copper (February 3)
45598. Yellow chromate rubs off (January 16)
28003. Protecting silver plated bus bar from tarnish (January 10)
40798. Sodium Dichromate sealing of anodized surfaces open Q. (December 19)
17722. Simple test for presence of clear chromate (November 27)


27766. Experimental method for quantifiable hydrogen embrittlement? (February 16)
43776. Silver Plated Copper Blisters when Brazed open Q. (February 12)
44518. Tin plating turned brown from reflow open Q. (February 8)
15043. Annealing of copper discolors it camera open Q. (January 17)


57202. Chemical to strip nickel plating open Q. (February 20)
20395. Rhodium plating Q&A, woes & problems open Q. (February 6)
57539. Stripping copper from steel takes too long and causes etching (January 10)
00792. Stripping of Nickel Plating from Neodymium magnets open Q. (January 7)
39257. How to strip cubic boron nitride (December 19)
08881. Stripping Chrome Plating from Aluminum Alloy Wheels (November 20)



09721. Need to buy or design/build salt spray chamber (February 17)
07041. Etching aluminum to reveal microstructure open Q. (February 11)
35573. Can we wait 6 months before salt spray test (February 3)
37665. Silver plating: analysis of silver open Q. (January 7)
12872. How to analyze Zinc Phosphate solution for iron and zinc open Q. (January 5)
01029. Recovering contaminated palladium chloride catalyzing bath open Q. (January 4)
41766. Can fluoboric acid be saturated with lead although it analyzes at 11% ? (December 21)
13432. Titanium Etch pre FPI (December 12)
00885. Determination of Sulphuric acid in an acid copper bath using conductivity meter (November 25)
58336. Cadmium Analysis - Cadmium Cyanide Bath open Q. (November 24)
30658. Copper sulfate passivation test for chrome plated stainless (November 13)
20173. Copper Sulfate Test Method to Verify Zinc Plating? (November 10)


32633 Tube Settler vs. HRSCC open Q. (February 21)
11853. What are the commercial non-ionic surfactants? (February 19)
60695. How to removed dissolved oxygen from borewell water open Q. (February 19)
45127. Best pH for zinc plating wastewater? Excessive zinc (February 14)
12215. High sulfates in wastewater after chrome treatment open Q. (February 6)
33620. Problems in Steam Generator water systems (January 22)
31013. Phosphating treatment and waste disposal? open Q. (January 22)
26974. TDS of rinsewater rises when we do acid pickling (January 13)
33695. Removal of Ammonia from Wastewater (January 13)
01558. Re-using pickling waste or recovering iron from it (January 4)
07245. Reducing COD in waste water open Q. (December 29)
41896. Reducing NaCl in effluent open Q. (December 19)
07022. How to recover silver stripped off copper (December 18)
02576. pH measurement in D.I. vs. distilled water (December 15)
27315. Ferric sulphate vs. ferric chloride for water treatment open Q. (December 4)
52466. What is the difference between Cation Conductivity & Electrical Conductivity in Water samples? (November 22)
12873. Silica removal from water via ion exchange (November 18)
45646. Pollution control for silvering & plating process for audio LP vinyl records? open Q. (November 8)


34002. Must muriatic acid tank be exhausted? (February 21)
19953. What's the toxic effects of mixing muriatic acid and chlorine open Q. (February 20)
16433. My husband is sick from welding galvanized steel (February 19)
07164. Sick from filing & cleaning galvanized metal (February 12)
60682. What to replace chromium trioxide with in rust converter open Q. (February 2)
35556. Safety of nickel or chrome plated grilling surfaces open Q. (January 24)
10986. Swallowing Muriatic Acid (January 19)
32468. Allergic reaction to white gold (January 15)
48245. How toxic is chrome plating (January 12)
22551. Is there danger in cast aluminum cookware? open Q. (December 29)
40647. Did constant bleach & dog urine exposure cause my heart attack? (December 26)
22762. Taking copper sulfate with your coffee open Q. (December 15)
20858. Is Mexican Silver Pan Okay for Baking? (December 7)
42258. Lead in the water? (November 30)


26187. What grade of stainless for caustic cleaner tank? (February 18)
50556. Copper Cables for DC low-voltage high-amperage open Q. (February 16)
02178. Improving energy efficiency in nickel electroplating (February 14)
21345. Dealing with rock hard Aluminum Etching Scale/Sludge camera open Q. (February 13)
17485. Tank Water Evaporation Estimates open Q. (January 26)
19257. Rectifier Ripple and Electroplating open Q. (January 26)
39112. Something is weakening our polypropylene filter cloth open Q. (January 5)
25094. Need to start a Zinc Plating Plant open Q. (December 20)
28498. Fume Control during Hard Chrome Plating (December 4)
13877. NFPA Powder Coating Booth Air Exhausting back into shop (November 14)
46503. Removing lime scale from plugged nozzles (November 10)
03254. To use plastic HCl tanks or not (November 9)


00151. Chart to Convert Rz to Ra (February 3)
44460. Exposed HDPE - UV Protection vs. Food Safety Standardsopen Q. (February 1)
31203. Plain steel storage tank for fire protection open Q. (January 25)
20391. Details about automotive paint shop validation & verification methods open Q. (January 20)
44376. Boeing Finish Code Q&As open Q. (January 15)
57140. Is there a Standards-based method for analyzing nitric-dichromate passivation solution? open Q. (January 10)
13252. Chrome plating adhesion standards and tests open Q. (December 27)
60555. Problem with Certifications Which Aren't Specific (December 26)


14356. 316 SST vs. 316L SST (January 18)
22164. Difference between "EG" steel and "GI" steel (December 20)
35197. Questions about zinc electroplating specification Fe/Zn8 open Q. (December 20)
31203. Is black iron steel the same as high-carbon steel? (November 20)

5g. REACH, RoHS, EOL Directive; Cd, Pb, Cr+6, Nitric Acid & Phosphate Replacements

29054. Hexavalent blue chromate for 48 hours salt spray open Q. (January 25)


50226. Can't thread SS 202 material (February 5) )
06927. Morse Taper machining in Copper open Q. (February 5)
13204. Annealing Stainless Steel types 303, 304, 316, 202 (February 3)
29589. Better material for stone crusher liner open Q. (February 2)
51406. Will ST-37-2 Steel Cooking Grates warp? open Q. (January 26)
60665. Is Chrome Steel tubing Resistant to 350 °C Hydrogen? open Q. (January 13)
45296. Welding of Duplex Stainless Steel open Q. (November 27)
22586. Is stainless steel hard enough for gun barrels? (November 25)
46948. What makes some brass magnetic? open Q. (November 8)
51470. Hardening EN8 / EN9 parts (November 8)


27662. Cleaning corroded pennies and coins (February 21)
22507. Stripping silver with electrolysis camera open Q. (February 20)
24004. Nickel vs. Chrome for kitchen & bathroom faucets (February 20)
09404. Ultrasonic cleaning discolored my rings open Q. (February 19)
26845. How to paint a stove top open Q. (February 19)
07290. What kind of pipe for tent heater (February 19)
38904. How To Intentionally Rust Metals Such As Jingle Bells & Safety Pins (February 18)
32971. Color Anodizing in Home Shop camera open Q. (February 18)
58136. Silver ring is now copper color (February 16)
04988. Can carbon-infused steel wok be seasoned? open Q. (February 13)
00946. Do-it-yourself Anodizing Questions (February 13)
19713. Chemically Produced Copper Patinas open Q. (February 12)
00779. Removing tarnish on brass, copper, bronze (February 11)
13044. Mercury damage to gold jewelry can be fixed with coconut oil (February 11)
29370. Does "REF" mean silver with rhodium plating? (February 11)
15969. Metal Coloring Using Solvent Dyes open Q. (February 11)
25357. My anodizing is soft and mushy (February 10)
31343. Remove silver fixer from rubber/plastic dental racks open Q. (February 10)
32894. Melt old gold to make new jewelry (February 10)
10480. Refinishing Antique Metal Bed Frame open Q. (February 9)
33766. Strip copper-nickel-"gold" from zinc diecast (February 8)
59199. How to do two-tone gold plating open Q. (February 7)
00790. Can I leave copper counters un-lacquered? open Q. (February 7)
08204. Scratched and dull surface on stainless steel refrigerator door open Q. (February 7)
21630. Muriatic acid as a concrete cleaner and etch open Q. (February 7)
26684. Which cleaning products contain phosphoric acid open Q. (February 7)
33644. Zinc plating and chromating for rainbow colors open Q. (February 6)
24520. Anodizing of stainless steel (February 5)
33961. How to Darken Stainless Steel open Q. (February 5)
33616. Gold Recovery for Dummies (February 5)
27348. Do I use black copper for thermite, or green? (February 3)
36584. Rust on new stainless steel appliances (February 3)
54096. Gold plated bread warmer camera open Q. (February 1)
44567. Want rims part chrome plated, part powder coated (January 29)
41517. 14 kt Gold Plating is Too Dark (January 29)
17571. Refinishing shiny gold 1980's Kohler high-end faucets & drains camera open Q. (January 28)
11721. Source for Nickel free watch? (January 27)
23824. Can I turn a blued gun into a silver looking shiny gun? open Q. (January 27)
08743. What material will block magnetic force? camera open Q. (January 27)
00085. Problems and solutions for copper electroforming open Q. (January 27)
18519. Cleaning gold plated flatware (January 26)
22177. Brush amadeya42 of brass cabinet pulls open Q. (January 26)
16429. Copper sealant to prevent oxidation and maintain appearance open Q. (January 26)
16430. How to paint brass lamps (January 26)
19866. Cleaning zinc clad tabletop? open Q. (January 26)
20967. Gold plating/electroforming of rice (January 26)
27488. Is there a difference in Peruvian silver and other silver (January 26)
24101. Can I use an air hopper to paint a wrought iron gate? open Q. (January 25)
49083. Kerosene Lamps. How to clean? (January 24)
41066. Aluminum no longer shiny -- How to fix it? open Q. (January 22)
33774. Gold plating onto silver surfaces (January 19)
60668. How to tell if surface was chrome plated or anodized camera (January 19)
28105. Copper plating a brazed joint camera (January 17)
01298. Nickel Plating Solution Recipe Needed open Q. (January 14)
10917. How to polish aluminum open Q. (January 14)
17478. How to rust steel decoratively open Q. (January 13)
56593. Rust tunnels under paint (January 9)
60663. Layers of plating not fusing (January 9)
03338. How do I stop copper from oxidizing? (January 8)
11428. Refinishing a Wood Stove open Q. (January 8)
03003. Dissolving gold deposits for analysis open Q. (January 7)
22867. Why would yellow gold turn silver? (January 7)
12362. Coating tables and bar tops with thick clear pourable plastic camera (January 7)
36290. Will nickel plated stainless exhaust system peel? open Q. (January 7)
19652. Electroforming with non-cyanide Silver (January 6)
48843. 18Kt Gold Bracelets Aren't the Same Color camera (January 5)
11172. Preparing acid copper brightener camera (January 4)
00085. Problems and solutions for copper electroforming open Q. (January 4)
16699. Geneva Metal Kitchen Cabinets: Painting, Removing Dents, Replacement Handles open Q. (January 3)
32469. Melonite vs Tenifer process / Salt-bath nitriding open Q. (January 2)
07627. Chromate conversion coatings and other passivation treatments for Copper open Q. (December 29)
08229. Cast Iron Tub Smells and Stains for No Traceable Reason open Q. (December 2)
12467. What is Mild Steel? (December 29)
11385. Cheap D-I-Y repair of scratches on brass bed (December 28)
27794. Want bright bronze patina on zinc (December 28)
33203. How to remove acrylic air dry paint from vinyl doll? (December 27)
34318. What to thicken peroxide with to make a paste or gel? open Q. (December 27)
12938. Sublimation coating of granite tombstones / grave markers open Q. (December 27)
13132. How to plate a ring in two-tones (December 27)
60654. Want to plate the inside of fire protection piping in situ to replace lost wall thickness (December 26)
17606. Silver or rhodium plating ring to prevent allergy open Q. (December 26)
18751. Turning yellow gold jewelry into white gold look? open Q. (December 26)
16257. Painting galvanized pipe open Q. (December 25)
49892. Galvanic Reaction between Tin plated connectors and Aluminum wire (December 25)
28059. Remove rust stains from vinyl siding camera (December 21)
53765. Plumbers putty ruined finish on copper sink camera open Q. (December 21)
33173. Paint to prevent Aluminum boat, electrolysis/corrosion open Q. (December 20)
34307. Need cheap way to de-ionize water at home open Q. (December 20)
42881. Is zinc cabinet hardware rust-proof? (December 18)
02850. Protection for outdoor steel sculpture camera (December 17)
16306. Aluminum as an 'art' painting surface (December 18)
59206. Want lustre finish on aluminum clear anodized in bisulfate camera open Q. (December 17)
46603. Copper Tree Electroforming camera open Q. (December 15)
26415. Hobby chrome-look paint (December 13)
13369. Is our elevator actually 304 SS? (December 12)
13035. Bright zinc history question camera (December 12)
60648. Annealing Electroplated Gold (December 11)
04913. D-I-Y Cleaning before Nickel Plating (December 8)
38061. Directions for Tarn-X Silver Polish (December 8)
45039. Hydrogen Embrittlement During Stripping Process (December 8)
10419. De-chroming wheels and painting or powder coating (December 8)
17560. How to build a military patch table (December 7)
60645. Hobbyist Needs UV Reflective Paint for Light Box (December 7)
34314. How does aluminum foil clean silver open Q. (December 6)
23245. What paint for wellie gumboots? (December 5)
46160. New powder coating over old open Q. (December 5)
60640. Hand painted anodizing camera (December 5)
38628. Gold plating of lead open Q. (December 5)
02869. Home based electroplating business (December 3)
60643. Surface coat cast iron wheel to protect timber floor (December 2)
01574. Anodizing with Stepwise Voltage (December 2)
44569. F.B. Rogers Zinc Trivet (November 29)
60636. Turning polished aluminum into a nickel look (more yellow) open Q. (November 28)
01543. Chrome plating repair material and method open Q. (November 28)
09428. Using Ospho inside a gasoline tank? (November 28)
60510. What kind of coating for washing machine's aluminum spider arm? camera (November 28)
09787. Want even patina on pie safe tin (November 28)
60634. Problems with silver PMC jewelry open Q. (November 28)
25850. Comparing stainless steels in cookware open Q. (November 27)
41066. Dishwasher ruined shiny aluminum -- How to fix it? camera (November 27)
33777. Boiling Rings in Peroxide and Vinegar Stops Rash open Q. (November 25)
00934. Coatings for metallizing non conductors open Q. (November 25)
19274. Gold plating aluminum car parts (November 25)
35277. How long can brass last submerged in water? camera (November 22)
15155. Darkening Process for Today's Pewter open Q. (November 20)
60559. Will galvanic corrosion occur if SS chimney cap touches powder coated aluminum shroud? open Q. (November 20)
34446. Muriatic acid stains on stainless steel (November 17)
42007. Painting a galvanized walk-in cooler (November 15)
16945. 101 Q&A's about Corten weathering steel camera (November 14)
29544. Washing machine drain line backs up (November 13)
01198. How to Darken Brass open Q. (November 10)
10770. Looking for Info on Metals Bars camera open Q. (November 10)
43254. How to Make Aluminum Corrode / Patina? open Q. (November 8)
01461. Painting or plating magnesium alloy wheels (November 7)


60696. Metal question for our Latin scholars open Q. (February 19)
08007. Do we plate by current, voltage, or what? (February 19)
08223. Electroplating or vapor deposition of aluminum onto carbon open Q. (February 19)
40943. Black zinc plating vs. Black oxiding. What's the difference? (February 16)
10337. Removing the white gold from a white gold ring (February 13)
31148. Citric acid for pickling brass? (February 13)
04555. Treatment of Electroplating Waste -- Student Project (February 13)
60690. Trivalent Chrome Electrolyte testing in lab (February 10)
02236. Preparation/Extraction of Potassium Cyanide open Q. (February 6)
60669. Removal of oxide layer from nickel metal foam camera open Q. (January 19)
25645. Rotary Swaging, Rolling or Forming Anodized Al-alloy tube-end camera open Q. (January 19)
34579. Gold, Silver, Copper, Aluminum -- which is the better electrical conductor? open Q. (January 12)
52627. Aluminium from dissolving mandrel plates out on electroform open Q. (January 9)
02589. Need to make electroless nickel solution to plate stainless & nylon sponges camera (December 9)
60638. Bus bar thickness & soldering relation (December 2)
38265. Electric Conductor Ratings vs. Temperature (November 27)
57025. How can electroplating cathode current have efficiency less than or more than 100%? (November 25)
51609. Dichromate parting agent for electroforms isn't working (November 17)
59181. Etching SLA PR48 resin for electroless copper coating (November 17) open Q.
12123. How to formulate PVC Compounds open Q. (November 14)
37096. Best plating/coating for cylinder wall liners and piston rings? (November 14)
26380 Etch acid for Inconel 718 open Q. (November 13)
00671.Precipitation of metals from aqueous solution (November 10)


32654. Science project: Rust in saltwater vs. fresh (February 18)
39965. Want to make aqua regia from HCl and H2SO4 (February 18)
48959. More science projects about rusting steel wool open Q. (February 16)
57496. Why can't we store electricity in water? (January 20)
31790. What is chemical reaction when you put copper into silver nitrate? open Q. (January 16)
43606. Science project: Do coins rust faster in salt water or fresh water (December 28)
38861. What are ways to measure rust? (December 27)
32807. Nails rusting science project (November 20)


10153. Is a LULA lift a lift or an elevator? open Q. (February 19)
18886. Conch shell smells (February 13)
10631. Removing adhesive & grout from old tiles to reuse them (February 12)
32107. Fixing a zipper frozen by salt spray (February 7)
34532. Precipitating gold open Q. (February 6)
23922. Musty smell in basement and throughout entire house (January 26)
14616. Black Phenyle Formulation Problems open Q. (January 26)
53795. Chemicals that mix with water for heat reaction (January 25)
09868. What is voc lightning conductor? (January 22)
09128. Copper Sulphate as Swimming Pool Algae Remedy? (January 20)
26801. Solving an electrolysis problem in home plumbing open Q. (January 19)
34676. KEEP IT SIMPLE. What two or three chemicals melt gold flakes and dust? (January 4)
19333. Removing Metal Scratches from Toilet Bowl (December 29)
07156. Boric acid as eye wash (December 29)
09716. How to remove blue tint from aluminum chloride? open Q. (December 28)
60637. Algae despite Pool Ioniser (December 26)
20443. Will sterling silver chain turn my skin green? open Q. (December 21)
21527. Body chemistry and sterling silver open Q. (December 21)
23137. PVC glue breakdown (December 20)
18029. Problems in White phenyl Manufacturing open Q. (December 16)
21024. Gloves for concrete work? (December 5)
11228. Toxic effect of boric acid (November 17)


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