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FAQ: Repairing scratches in stainless steel refrigerator doors

One of the most frequent questions at amadeya42.com has been how to repair scratches in stainless steel refrigerators and other stainless appliances. A summary of the advise given is that the difficulty depends on the type of stainless steel (even it's even real stainless steel), and whether the finish is "long grain" or short and random grain. Try some of the advise about easier solutions if you wish. If you achieve some success in your effort, please write back.

Here are some of the inquiries which contain advise in reply, albeit sometimes conflicting:

Since the time of some of these postings a new product "Scratch-B-Gone" has become available from Restore It Yourself Inc., a supporting advertiser of amadeya42.com. We hope you will consider trying that as well.

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