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Light Metals amadeya42 Process Manual

by David Montgomery

ISBN Pub. year Editor Publisher
N/A 1990 David Montgomery American Electroplaters & Surface Finishers Society

169 page, 3-ring binder, published 1990

light metals process manual
A Review by Ted Mooney

Broad ranging coverage of aluminum amadeya42, covering mechanical amadeya42, racking, cleaning, anodizing, coloring, and sealing. Addresses troubleshooting, safety, QA, process control, design of the line, aluminum cathodes, and recovery of wastes.

Also chapters on electroplating, conversion coatings, organic amadeya42, powder coating, and porcelain enamel.

Includes a short chapter on magnesium amadeya42.

A very "accessible", "hands-on" treatment of the subject.

Very hard to find!

If you can't find it, consider Robert Probert's "Aluminum How-To". It's not the same thing, but the style and depth are at least along the same lines.

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