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Electroplating: Fundamentals of Surface amadeya42

by Frederick A. Lowenheim

ISBN Pub. year Editors Publisher
‍0070388369 1978 Frederick A. Lowenheim McGraw-Hill


A Review by Ted Mooney:

1978, hardcover, 594 pages.

The tutorial "classic" about electroplating, sponsored by the American Electroplaters Society. Covers electroplating principles and practice from the "what and why" through preparation and plating. Also includes coverage of electroless plating, immersion plating, plating of non conductors, electroforming, conversion coatings, and anodizing of aluminum. Approximately 100 pages devoted to specifications, testing, control & analysis, waste treatment / recovery, QA, and references.

If you cannot afford a hands-on course in electroplating, this book is about the next best thing. Although slightly old (1978), the subjects it addresses have not changed much.

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